Top apps for business travellers

The joy of discovering a good app! It might be because it saves you money, entertains you or just makes life that little bit easier.

If you have to travel regularly for business, it certainly helps to download a few choice apps and here are some that regular travellers swear by:

LinkedIn: for checking out who you’re meeting

Amanda Thomson, founder and chief executive of prosecco and champagne producer Thomson and Scott, says: “I always use LinkedIn as it’s used by the business community across the globe and means I can easily research those I’m set to meet prior to the trip as well as knowing what they look like so I can recognise them.”

Foursquare City Guide: for the best local spots to visit

Jeff Melnyk, who frequently travels overseas in his role as founding partner of Within People, says: “I sometimes feel that I’m the last person using it but Foursquare seems to give me great restaurant and bar recommendations no matter where I am in the world. And I like that it works on proximity - if I need pho in Paris or eggs benedict in Cape Town the app guides me to the nearest highly rated hot spot”.

Google Trips: for syncing with other Google accounts

Google Trips is among the most recommended apps by Clarity Business Travel. In a blog, they say: “If your company works from Google Mail, Google Trips automatically scans your emails and auto populates your travel plans into your Google calendar and the Google Trips app. It links to airline information, pushes disruption notifications and can give you relevant suggestions on your destination. It’s not great for complex rail but will help with those international journeys.”

TrainSplit: for avoiding train fare rip-offs

Are you keen to get in your finance team’s good books? Well if you’re travelling in the UK by train, then you can often cut costs significantly by using one of the sites or apps that split train journeys across two or more tickets. Among them is the TrainSplit app , which claims it can make your train travel up to 40% cheaper. In return, it takes a cut of any savings you make.

Four Seasons: for spas and bars

Another recommendation from Jeff, who says: “Even if on a particular trip I’m not staying in one of their resorts or hotels, I usually tend to find myself in a Four Seasons for their excellent spas and bars. Their app is one of the best and is really an extension of their exceptional service, with a prompt and helpful chat function - like having a concierge in your pocket.”

FairFX: for managing your expenses

The FairFX App allows you to manage your FairFX cards from your phone or tablet allowing you to keep track of what you are spending and your balance wherever you are in the world.

You can order and activate a new card, load funds, and calculate how much you'll get in your destination currency. Download our FairFX Buisness app on the AppStore or Google Play.

With the FairFX Expense Card and Platform you can spend for free in the UK and get great rates overseas. You can also keep track of staff spending with ease.
FairFX Expense Card and Platform

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