New ways to track staff expenses

Say hello to our latest FairFX Expense Platform features - specially developed to help you keep track of staff expenses and cut down on reporting time.

Our brand new features allow you to:

To start using the new features straight away check out our guide.

Read more about how these features can help you below:

Uploading receipts

If you need to keep a more detailed record of staff spending by keeping copies of receipts, you can now do it directly on the FairFX Expense Platform and app - no more stressing about lost receipts or stockpiling paper copies.

The moment a transaction is processed you can upload a receipt via the Transaction Details page on the app and the Annotate Transactions page on the platform.

Annotate transactions on the app

By actively encouraging staff to annotate their own transactions you can cut down on reporting time and unexplained staff spending.

You and your cardholders can already annotate transactions via the platform, but now it’s possible to do it away from your desk, making it easier for staff to add their spending details from anywhere.

Adding categories and freeform notes to each of your transactions allows you to easily keep track of your spending and understand what areas of your business, departments and employees use their expenses for.

Add VAT amounts

Why waste time wading through receipts and invoices trying to calculate how much is tax deductible?

Now you can easily record the VAT amount of your transactions within the Expense Platform as you upload receipts and add annotations.

New features guide

Here's how to annotate transactions, upload receipts and add VAT details on the app:

1. To view your recent transactions and add details, tap 'View Statement' on the card page.
2. You'll now see a list of your card loads and spending, including details like where and when the transaction took place, the date, and the debit/credit amount. Simply tap 'Add annotations' next to a transaction to add more detail.
3. Use the Transaction Details page to add this transaction to a category and add any additional notes.
4. Here you'll also see a VAT field - you can use this to highlight any VAT that was part of the transaction.

5. At the bottom of the page you'll see the 'Add receipt' button - tap this and choose whether to take a photo of your receipt or upload an existing photo from your device.
6. A small preview of your receipt will now show at the bottom of the page. You can open the image of the receipt to check you have uploaded the correct one and 'Change receipt' if you need to.
7. When you’ve finished, hit 'Save' and the transaction will now appear as Annotated in the transaction list.

Here’s our guide to using the new features on the platform when you’re at your desk:

1. To view recent transactions and add details, go to the ‘Annotate transactions’ page under the reports tab. At this point you can choose which transactions you’d like to review and see which card was used, the owner, and the amount of the transaction.

2. To categorise your transactions, simply use the Category dropdown field and add additional notes to the Notes field.

You’ll also see a VAT Amount field where you can add any VAT that was part of the transaction.

Not enough categories for sorting your transactions? You can set up new categories in the Business setup section of the platform.

3. When you’ve finished adding details to your transactions, make sure you click ‘Save’ in order to save your edits.

4. To add a photo of your receipt to your transaction, click the debit amount to go to the transaction detail page. Scroll down, click 'Upload' and you’ll be prompted to upload a receipt from your computer.


Businesses working with FairFX can take the hassle out of expenses and focus on the things that matter most. Find out more about how we can help your business by clicking the link below.

If you are already a FairFX Business customer, find out more about the new features by contacting your account manager.
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