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Manage your Facebook payments with ease

Have you got Facebook payments nailed? If you’re making regular payments to Facebook for advertising then keep track of spend per campaign/customer will be key.

Choosing the right payment method can make a big difference to keeping control and making sure no invoices fall through the cracks.

Many will just opt for using PayPal on the Facebook Advertising Platform. Seems convenient enough? But whilst defaulting to PayPal may seem convenient at first, tracking and managing spending can become a real headache over time.

With the FairFX Prepaid Corporate Mastercard® , you can give key members of your team a prepaid card to process Facebook payments, and get the control and transparency with the FairFX Corporate Expenses Platform.


See how PayPal and FairFX Corporate Cards compare as methods of payment on Facebook:


FairFX Corporate Card

Cost – £10,000 spend Free Free
Cost – $10,000 spend 4%* 1.5%
Control and tracking capabilities
  • Basic account overview online
  • Keep track of spend by campaign / customer through an online expense platform
  • Annotate & categorise spend
  • Hold funds on central account balance and distribute between cards as you see fit
  • Reconcile charges, and download statements
Customer service and support
  • Online only
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Support Desk
  • 24/7 card helpline
  • Email support 365 days a year

  • Use multiple cards – split by campaign, by customer etc
  • Easy to order, quick to arrive
  • Transfer between cards 24/7
  • No deposits needed

  • Concur
  • Xero, Quickbooks & Sage (through CSV)

*payment fee of 1% plus a currency conversion fee of 3% – details here (


FairFX Corporate Cards allow you to keep track of spend by campaign through our easy to use online platform. You can annotate each payment and see which client the payment was for, how much they spent, and which member of your staff put the payment through.

You even get the help of a dedicated account manager to help you get the most out of the platform. And, the ability to integrate with leading accountancy platforms so that you can easily keep an eye on your company’s cash flow.

Take the hassle out of your Facebook payments with FairFX Corporate Cards

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Mariette Ferreira

Mariette Ferreira

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