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FairFX Travel Heroes: From the Arctic to the Caribbean

Guest post: Top tips shared by one of our beloved customers and Travel Heroes, Hazel Griffiths. From the Arctic to the Caribbean…that sums up my life! For the past 8 years I have been a freelance cruise ship speaker, specialising in ‘Destinations’. This means I get to sail on various cruise ships in return for telling the guests all about the places they are going to visit. My goal is make sure they have a safe and enjoyable day during their time ashore. I am part of the entertainments team – so the talks have to be enjoyable as well […]

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FairFX Travel Heroes: The Disney Mouse’keteer

This is how FairFX customers like to travel. My love of Disney comes from my very first visit in 1989 with my Mum, Dad and younger brother. Back then you didn’t tend to hear of many people visiting Disney World in Florida, I guess due to distance and the fact that not many carriers went from the UK compared to today. I felt very privileged even at 10 years old to be able to visit the place where I would be able to meet all my favourite characters from the books and films I loved. Little did I know that […]