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FairFX Study Abroad Cost Calculator

The cost for UK students wanting to pursue higher education in Europe is revealed in our comprehensive cost calculator. Analysing the tuition fees and living costs of the European universities that made it into the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings, our research reveals the most affordable destinations to study based on tuition fees, living costs and currency rates. The average cost of attending university in the UK is in excess of £18,000 a year, combining average tuition fees of £9,234 and average living costs of £9,526. Top alternative European universities offer a degree at a fraction of the […]

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Let your teenagers carry their own holiday money

Your holiday is the perfect time to start teaching the teenagers how to manage money and stop them from constantly coming to you for more. We’ve got the perfect tool to give your kids (13 years and older) a little financial freedom whilst you stay in control of how much they spend. With a FairFX Family and Friends Card you’re in charge. Load your teenager’s card by moving money from your own FairFX Prepaid Mastercard® with just a few taps on the FairFX app onto their card. And move the money back just as easily if you need to. Here’s why […]

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How to manage money on your gap year

Heading on a gap year to explore new countries, learn a language, or just take a break? Before you travel there are obviously a few things you’ll need to prepare and one very important point on your checklist should be currency. Whether you’re lodging in hostels, other people’s homes or in hotels, you’ll need a safe way to carry your foreign currency, without it costing you the world. Plus you need an easy way to keep an eye on your balance, and get more currency if you need it. Sounds like quite a bit of a headache, but don’t worry, […]

Top 10 secret gems for students in the US

Guest Post: help students to book their perfect university accommodation. Study in the US, and you’ll find so much more than bustling New York boulevards and white sandy beaches in LA. You’ll discover a wealth of secret gems if you step off the beaten track. Here are some of the best to get you started…   1. Explore the ancient Meteor Crater Just off Interstate 40 in Northern Arizona lies a breathtaking sight – Meteor Crater, which is the world’s best-preserved meteorite impact site. Formed approximately 50,000 years ago, this crater is a mile wide, 2.4 miles in circumference […]

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7 tips for sticking to your study abroad budget

Guest post: Top tips for sticking to your study abroad budget from, the student shipping experts.   We all know studying abroad can be expensive. That being said, it’s one investment that you’re pretty much guaranteed to never regret. Not only will it give you a world of experience (literally), but it could look really attractive on your resume to any future employers. Where money is concerned, it’s a lot more than just gathering enough dough for your plane ticket, tuition fees and accommodation fees. You need to factor in the cost of living, and everything that comes along with […]

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How to manage your currency when studying abroad

If you’re heading abroad to study, you’ll need to budget and manage your money well. You actually need to do an even better job than you do at home. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in another country without any money. What’s the best way to manage your money when you’re abroad for a few months or years though? Bearing in mind that you’ll have a couple of larger tuition and accommodation bills to pay, along with your day to day spending. Well here’s our guide to some of the best (and worst) ways to manage your currency […]

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The FairFX guide to paying study abroad fees

If you or a loved one are studying abroad next semester you’ll have a few fees to pay in the coming months, the majority of which will need to be paid overseas. Whether those fees are for tuition, accommodation or just living costs, you need to think carefully about how you’ll be making these international payments. If you default to your bank you’re likely to get stung by unfavourable exchange rates and hidden fees. And don’t assume you’ll get the best deal through your university’s recommended provider. Many universities will partner with providers for their own simplicity, rather than prioritise […]

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Studying abroad? 9 essential things to remember before you go

You’ve picked the city you’ll be studying in. You’ve been accepted to an overseas university. And you’re eagerly awaiting your trip abroad to meet new people and study while you are immersed in a new culture. But hold up, there’s a few essentials to remember before you go. And we don’t just mean booking a flight and kitting your wardrobe out. Here’s 9 things to remember, that might have slipped your mind with all the excitement.   1. Passport The most obvious one, but forgotten surprisingly often. Find your passport and make sure it’s in date. It may seem like […]

The cheapest countries in the world to be a student

See the latest data on where to study based on university rankings and the cost of study abroad in the FairFX Study Abroad Cost Calculator. FairFX Study Abroad Cost Calculator >>   Norway, Russia and Luxembourg take the lead for being the cheapest countries in the world to be a student. Exchange rate trends also reveal New Zealand to offer the best value for money for studying abroad as it’s now 20% cheaper compared with 2 years ago. According to our research, Norway has emerged as being the most affordable nation in the world to be a student with an […]