Are more people moving abroad Post-Brexit vote?

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The Brexit vote hit the pound hard and put UK businesses in unchartered territory. The decision created much uncertainty for individuals living in the UK too, with newspapers reporting that Remain voters created a surge in citizenship applications in other EU countries.

But have we seen people following through on these initial reactions? Summer 2016 certainly was a busy one for everyone at Irvine Moving Solutions! Since the announcement of Brexit in June, our moving team have consistently been on the road week on week.

Are people beginning to make plans for when Brexit really hits?

Our moves have always been pretty evenly dispersed throughout our key locations. In recent months however we have seen a significant rise in the number of families leaving the UK and moving to Ireland.

Ireland appears to be the country of choice at the minute, as we have seen no significant rise in leads moving from the UK to any other European country.

It would seem that these particular families have decided to up sticks and leave the UK before any big financial shakes could take place.

There is anticipation across the UK as to what Brexit will mean. Many people will begin to make plans early to establish a sense of security amidst the confusion.  However, with it being such a recent referendum and the terms of Britain’s exit not yet negotiated, it is hard to determine if the movements from UK to Ireland are a direct result of such announcement.

Theresa May has vowed to trigger Article 50 by March but the roadmap is still very unclear. The pound did not respond too positively to the announcement either – falling to its lowest level against the dollar since the referendum result.

We expect to see a further increase in people moving out of the UK, particularly those of working age with young families, when the ‘terms of Brexit’ negotiations are underway.

Whether our customers are making moves now to ease the pressure of Brexit when it lands is hard to determine.  This will no doubt be clearer when the UK’s road to exiting the EU is better mapped out.

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