Holiday destinations to help make your holiday money go further in 2020

Holidaymakers who want to make the most of their travel budget after Brexit, pay attention: with the 31st January Brexit deadline day fast approaching, looking beyond the eurozone could be the key to getting a good deal.

The important thing is to track the value of the pound to get more for your money. By choosing a destination where the pound is performing well, the cost of accommodation, shopping and eating out will decrease, allowing you to see more of the world, for less.

Countries and currencies outside of Europe to watch in 2020

Now could be the time to think long-haul and venture to South America, as Argentina and neighbouring Chile are among the best value destinations for 2020.

The pound has improved 64% against the Argentine peso, meaning anyone heading to Argentina will now get an additional £391 worth of local currency for every £1,000 exchanged compared to January 2019.

Also, in South America the pound has improved 15% against the Chilean peso and 12% against the Brazilian real in the last twelve months, meaning those heading to Chile or Brazil would get an extra £130 and £111 worth of currency respectively.

Or how about Africa? The pound has seen a 22% improvement against the Zambian kwacha, so those heading on safari or to see Victoria Falls would get an additional £178 worth of currency for every £1,000 compared to this time last year.

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Countries and currencies inside Europe to watch in 2020

Not everyone wants to venture as far as South America or Africa. But fear not, because the pound has also improved against currencies across Europe, including against the euro.

The strongest gains are against currencies on the continent not trading in euros, with the pound up 8% against the Hungarian forint, Swedish krona, and Romanian leu – giving holidaymakers over £70 more for every £1,000 exchanged.

Meanwhile, the pound has also improved 5% against currencies in countries including Norway, Croatia, Denmark and Bulgaria.

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Wherever you decide to travel there are plenty of simple steps you can follow to make sure you get more for your money, and consequently more from your holiday.

This includes considering exchange rates before you book, tracking rates so you buy when they’re at their strongest, as well as avoiding travel money traps such as buying currency at the airports and being hit with credit and debit card fees.

Read more on our key tips for getting more from your holiday money.

Bon voyage!

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