FairFX Property Abroad Cost Calculator

The FairFX Property Abroad Cost Calculator compares the average price of a property in over 30 countries, based on the average cost of a two-bedroom apartment. The cost calculator also factors in the cost of buying a car overseas and a year’s worth of petrol, utilities and daily essentials such as food and drink.

Buying a second home abroad continues to be a popular investment option. It provides a holiday haven when you want to get away from it all and can be a useful second income through lettings.

The FairFX Property Abroad Cost Calculator is designed to make it easier for you to compare the costs associated with buying a second home, to help you narrow down your search on where you would like to buy.

Other factors do have to be taken into consideration when buying a property overseas. Political, economic and cultural situations in the country you’re looking at have to be considered of course. But the FairFX Property Abroad Cost Calculator helps you to decide which countries are financially viable.
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