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The easy way to share spending money with family and friends

Looking for an easy way to share spending money on your next trip? Look no further, we’ve got the perfect solution for sharing spending money with your family and friends.

When you link one or more Family & Friends Cards to your FairFX account, you can transfer money between your main FairFX Prepaid Mastercard® and your linked cards with just a few taps of the app.

You can even move it back, if you’ve changed your mind or moved too much.

Link multiple cards to your FairFX account to teach your teenagers how to manage money, split spending money with your partner, or provide a lifeline to your kids on gap year.

Share money with the kids

family and friends diagramMake family spending hassle-free for you and the kids!

You can order a Family & Friends Card for anyone 13 years and older, making the cards an excellent tool for teaching the kids how to manage money …without them losing your hard-earned cash. Just like your main FairFX Card, Family & Friends Cards are chip and PIN secure and valid for 3 years.

Give them a budget for the day or week, or just transfer money for each transaction. Teach them to put off buying on impulse by encouraging them to make their budget last.

Not only does it give your teenagers some valuable life lessons, it also gives you both a little freedom.

Share your holiday budget

Family & Friends Cards aren’t just for sharing spending money with the kids, they’re also a great way of managing holiday spending between you and your partner, and between a group travelling together.

By planning ahead with your foreign currency and choosing a FairFX Currency Card you’ll get more to spend on what you like. Organise money for the whole group by giving each of them a Family & Friends Card linked to yours and they’ll get more to spend too.

You can get great rates for you and your loved one too, and split spending for meals, drinks, and shopping between your two cards.

How do I get started?

If you already have a FairFX Currency Card, you can order a Family & Friends Card in the same currency from the Cards page of your account.

Go to My Account


You’ll need to enter the email address of the individual you wish to give the card to and they’ll receive an email with a couple of steps to complete before we issue the card.

family and friends diagramWhen the Family & Friends Card arrives, you can share money from your main card through our website or a few taps of the FairFX mobile app.

The app makes it easy for you to manage your holiday budget on the go. Select the card you’d like to transfer from and then click the “Family & Friends Card Transfer” option. Choose who you’re sending to and how much you’re sending, then simply confirm. Hey presto, you’ve shared some of your travel money.

You can even move it back, if you’ve changed your mind or moved too much.

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If you haven’t already got your own FairFX Card, you’ll need to order this before your linked Family and Friends Card – you can do that here.

Already got your first FairFX Card? Order and link a Family and Friends Card from the Currency Card section of your account.

Go to My Account


Mariette Ferreira

Mariette Ferreira

Mariette heads up marketing at FairFX. She loves travelling, scuba diving and South Africa, but she's yet to combine all three in one.

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