Here’s how we're helping our customers during the Brexit negotiations

Whatever your views on Brexit, it can be hard to ignore the impact it’s having on our lives at the moment.
For us here at FairFX we know this first-hand because the currency markets have turned into somewhat choppy waters.

Because of this, we’re keeping a close eye on the proceedings to make sure you, our customers, can navigate those waters in the smoothest way possible. Which means being on hand to answer your questions about foreign currency and, of course, to look after your international payments.

To make sure we can look after your currency concerns as best we can, we’re focusing even more than ever on how we provide a great service. For starters, we’re not capping any transfers. Take the 15th of January for instance. During the Brexit deal vote and motion of no-confidence, other online money transfer providers such as TransferWise had to cap their trades. We stayed open until 10 pm and helped wherever we could. Just as we did on the 29th, during the amendment votes intended to avoid a no deal Brexit, and as we will do for all forthcoming votes.

We know how important it is that, during these periods of uncertainty and market volatility, we don’t go quiet. We’re reaching out to help our customers and doing whatever we can to help protect against losses - so you can get the most from your money.

It’s just one of the things that set us apart.

But a huge part of what makes us different is our solid foundation of incredibly talented and committed staff who genuinely care about the people they’re helping. Even as I write the word ‘staff’ it feels wrong because we’re certainly a team, if not a family. One that’ll stay late and go above and beyond in the pursuit of putting you first.

Which is why, together with the rest of the leadership team, I’m so very proud of each and every member of FairFX.

So whatever happens in the coming weeks and months of negotiations, and whatever happens with the euro rate or the dollar rate, we’ll be here and happy to help, whenever you need us. Because whether you’re sending money abroad to your family, buying a property or paying for business expenses, life must go on.

We’re always only ever a call away, so if we can help you send some money abroad, give us a call on 020 7778 97500 and we’ll get it sorted. We look forward to navigating the future with you.

If you’re wondering how the currency markets might have an impact on your travel money this year, we’ve got you covered...
Our Top Tips for getting the most for your holiday money
1. Track currency: Monitor currency movements is a full-time job (literally) and it’s hard to know when to buy at the optimum time. So let us do it for you. Sign up to our Travel Money Rate Alerts and we’ll email you when markets move in your favour.
2. Lock-in rates: If you know you’re travelling later in the year, make sure you plan ahead. Preload your Currency Card to lock in rates and protect yourself from any potential future decline and fix your holiday spending money.
3. Buy wisely: Don’t leave changing your travel money until the last minute. Exchange rates at airports can be over 20% more expensive, which means you could lose over £100 of cash for every £1,000 you change.
4. Cards: Debit and credit cards are good backups but beware of ATM and transaction fees as well as the exchange rate you’ll be forced to use. Instead, use your FairFX Currency Card which is free to use in shops and restaurants.
5. Always use local currency: If you have the option of paying by card – or withdrawing cash – in Pounds rather than the local currency, always say no. This allows the other party to decide the exchange rate (a process known as Dynamic Currency Conversion) and it’s unlikely the rate they decide on will be in your favour. Our research shows that unsuspecting holidaymakers collectively pay out £490m in currency conversion fees, so don’t get caught out!

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