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Top tips to take your money further

Travel tips from the FairFX team; destinations where you can get more holiday for your Pound.

“Both US Dollars and Jamaican Dollars are traded equally in the country, but travellers from the UK will get much more for their pound when paying for food, travel or activities in the local currency. Currently the British Pound will buy you roughly $190 Jamaican Dollars, whilst the US Dollar (currently at a 6 year high) will still buy you $1.70 to the £1. On the Island the two currencies are paired at 1 (USD) to 100 (JMD), giving you an extra 20,000 Jamaican Dollars for every £1000 spent. Similarly, tipping is a big part of Jamaican culture, and the broader Jamaican Dollar denominations make it easier and cheaper to spread the love around!” – Reuben Armstrong


The availability of Turkish Lira cash has fluctuated over the past few months, but don’t worry if you’re not able to get your hands on some Lira. Euros are widely accepted throughout Turkey; so you can use Euros cash if necessary, otherwise just pay with your Sterling Everywhere card, which will convert your Pounds to Lira automatically at a highly competitive rate.

Remember the golden rule about haggling in Turkey – don’t start to negotiate if you’re not planning to buy!


You’ll have no problem using your currency card in Spain, especially in places like Madrid, Barcelona and the Canaries. Taking some travel cash to use for tips in restaurants and travel would be advisable. Try to avoid changing money when abroad and limit the amount of times you use an ATM if possible to minimise costs.


“From experience, you won’t have any problems using your currency card throughout Germany. I used my card to pay in restaurants, cafes, bars, tourist attractions, shopping and for tipping. The only time I required cash for was taking the bahn (trains). Top tip when travelling in Germany – make sure you stamp your train ticket on the platform or you’ll get a hefty fine!” – Lisa Stone


Card payments are widely accepted in Mexico, but it’s handy to have cash to hand for smaller shops and taxis. Most places will accept US Dollars, but keep an eye on the exchange rate as some outlets will use their own or make it up. “When we visited Tulum in 2012, we paid for hotels and car rental with our FairFX USD Cards, and took Pesos in cash with us for taxis, food, etc.” – Mariette Ferreira

Mariette Ferreira

Mariette Ferreira

Mariette heads up marketing at FairFX. She loves travelling, scuba diving and South Africa, but she's yet to combine all three in one.

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