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Top Southern European city breaks this summer

As the sun starts to heat up in the south of Europe, we take a look at some of the top city break destinations to take your FairFX Prepaid Mastercard® Euro Card this summer.

We’ve picked out some destinations where you can bask in the sunshine and indulge in fantastic food.

Barcelona, Spain

One of the main attractions of any trip to Southern Europe is a dip in the calm blue waters of the Mediterranean. And it just so happens that the perfect way to start your first day in Barcelona is probably a morning swim and a stroll along Barceloneta Beach.

The capital of Catalonia is both a sprawling metropolis and a beautiful seaside resort. Spend half of the day chilling out on the beach and the other half exploring the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter. There’s tonnes of quaint streets with hidden local bars, perfect for a small beer and some tapas.

Marvel at the iconic La Sagrada Família church, head out of town for a hike up the Montserrat mountain range or enjoy the thrill of the racing circuit hosts this year’s Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix.


Monaco may only be the second smallest country in the world but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in glamour, stunning sea views and celebrity residents. Monaco is synonymous with super yachts and the super-rich.

Immerse yourself in the Monaco lifestyle by getting suited and booted and heading to the Casino de Monte Carlo, try your hand at poker or play things a little safer…and head for the slot machines.

If you don’t want to blow your whole budget on the first day, you can visit the marble and gold casino in the morning just to admire the stunning interiors or take a stroll along the harbour streets where Formula 1 cars will be whizzing past on race weekend.

For stunning views of the harbour, work your way up to Le Rocher to admire Monaco’s old town and the grandeur of the palace.

Seville, Spain

Seville is another Spanish city that is draped in sunlight at the height of the season. Take a walk along Seville’s sunny streets, lined with orange trees and architecture influenced by the Romans, Moors and a lavish Renaissance period.

You may not think of Seville as the most famous Spanish city but it’s the right place to have an authentic Spanish holiday. Everywhere you turn there are taverns serving traditional tapas and the dish most synonymous with Seville, gazpacho.

Seville is also famous for two very well-known Spanish traditions – flamenco dancing and bull fighting. You can see a flamenco show for as little as €18 at a number of locations across the city. And even if you don’t fancy seeing a bull fight, the stadium is well worth a visit on a quiet day as it truly is a work of art.

The bull arena of Seville, Spain

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Milan, Italy

Milan is Italy’s fashion and design capital. Designer stores line the Quadrilatero D’Oro district, while outlets, high street shops and boutiques are found in all corners of the city. Historical monuments sit alongside the most desired names in fashion. Perfect for kitting out your winter wardrobe.

If Milan’s unparalleled shopping isn’t for you though, take in some culture by visiting Leonardo da Vinci’s famous mural, The Last Supper. Or take a day excursion north to the provincial town of Monza.
Steeped in history and beautiful architecture, Monza has also been home to high speed racing since 1950.

Lisbon, Portugal

This dainty sun-kissed city lives alongside the Atlantic Ocean, so fish is at the top of most restaurant menus, naturally.

Hop aboard century-old wooden trams and iron funiculars that rumble their way up and down the steep hills that the city is built upon. Or wander through the Baixa district. This is the heart of Lisbon and was completely rebuilt after the devastating 1755 earthquake. The district comprises of magnificent plazas, which are connected by straight avenues lined with grand 18th-century architecture.

yellow tram in lisbon

This is another Southern European destination that has bull fighting rooted in its culture. Yes, we know it’s controversial but like it or loathe it, it’s local Lisbon culture at its rawest. So if you like to immerse yourself in the local culture, bull fighting takes place throughout the summer with September being the last chance to catch the action.

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