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Top European breaks for Easter weekend

Easter is the perfect excuse for a long weekend (or even a week) away. We’ve picked out some of the best European breaks just a short hop away, where you can relive old favourites or try somewhere new.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is Bulgaria’s pleasingly laid-back capital. Sofia isn’t near the coast or Bulgaria’s ski slopes, so is often overlooked by tourists, but that’s a mistake.

Sofia has a lot to offer. It isn’t a sprawling metropolis but is home to some of Bulgaria’s finest art galleries and museums. The city also has a fantastic food and drink scene, with restaurants, bistros, cafes and eating establishments for all tastes and budgets.

You’ll see MoMa Bulgarian Food & Wine in most guidebooks – a great taverna where you can sample local Bulgarian cuisine.

Sofia came second on our list of cheapest European holiday destinations. A week here would cost you around £540, so a short Easter break certainly won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Kiev, Ukraine

Ukraine has been in the news for political turmoil in recent years, and whilst this has impacted tourist numbers, it hasn’t impacted the safety and attractiveness of the destination.

Kiev has a rich and colourful history, and this can be seen in the buildings and statues across the city. The most notable of which is the Motherland Monument (Rodina Mat) – a 62m high, titanium statue that celebrates the Soviet Union’s World War II victory.

Kiev also has a fantastic food scene – the central food market Besarabsky Rynok is the source of ingredients for some of Kiev’s best restaurants.

Kiev also made it to the top of the list in our European Holiday Cost Barometer. We found it to be the cheapest spot to explore out of 55 European destinations, at just £368 a week for two people… so, you may want to extend Easter weekend into a week-long getaway.

Santorini, Greece

Spring is the perfect time to visit Santorini. The landscape is green and the sea has warmed up, but the crowds haven’t descended just yet.

One of the Mediterranean region’s many gems, Santorini is best approached by catamaran in order to appreciate the true beauty of the white buildings perched on the volcanic rock. If you decide to fly direct to Santorini though, make sure to enjoy a sea excursion during your stay. The island’s beauty draws in an array of holiday makers, from honeymooners to backpackers.

In the daytime, hike along the rocks or enjoy a tour of the island’s wineries. In the evening, relax with a glass of wine and some meze, whilst you peer over the cliffs and watch the sunset.

Santorini came 9th in our European Holiday Cost Barometer, with an average week’s stay costing £835 for a couple.

Florence, Italy

Surprisingly small as it is, Florence looms large on the world’s ‘must-see’ list. This is where the Renaissance began and is the host to plenty of world-class art, housed in beautifully designed galleries.

The food and wine of Florence is internationally renowned, with ‘Fiorentina’ becoming an international label of quality assurance.

Florence is a pricier Easter holiday destination than some of the other destinations on our list. At £1,710 for 1 week’s stay for 2 people, Florence is actually the 12th most expensive city on our list of 55 European destinations.

But if you’re looking for fine food, fine wine and some of Italy’s top fashion boutiques, Florence is definitely worth paying the price.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is one of the coolest cities in Europe, buzzing with creativity and frequently topping the list of happiest cities in the world.

Stroll along the charming canals (or even kayak down them) to discover the heart of the city. Or cycle along the cobbled, bike-friendly streets and admire the iconic colourful buildings that line them. The Danish flair for design can be seen in most bars, restaurants and cafes…great settings for dinner and cocktails.

To truly unwind over the Easter break, head to King’s Garden, an oasis of calm right in the middle of Copenhagen. The gardens are located next to Rosenborg Castle, a 400 year old castle that houses the Danish crown jewels and countless pieces of royal art.

Copenhagen is another city at the pricey end of our European Holiday Cost Barometer. A 1 week stay in Copenhagen, for 2 people, will cost you £1,891. That shouldn’t put you off though, you simply need to plan ahead with your currency and follow our tips to get the best exchange rate.

The FairFX European Holiday Cost Barometer

The European Holiday barometer includes the cost for a mid-range double hotel room for the week alongside breakfast, lunch and dinner each day with two beers, a metro or tram pass and 3km taxi ride alongside a visit to a local gallery or museum. We looked at 55 destinations across Europe, check out the 10 cheapest destinations and the 10 most expensive destinations below.

FairFX’s cheapest European holiday destinations:

Rank Destination/town Cost for 1 week for 2 people
1 Kiev £368
3 Sofia £540
2 Budapest £556
5 Warsaw £635
4 Bucharest £665
6 Vilnius £740
8 Riga £770
7 Krakow £822
9 Santorini £835
10 Rhodes £888
11 Bratislava £891
12 St Petersburg £940


FairFX’s most expensive European holiday destinations:

Rank Destination/town Cost for 1 week for 2 people
1 Zurich £2,409
3 Reykjavik £2,386
2 Paris £2,086
5 Milan £1,928
4 Bergen £1,892
6 Copenhagen £1,891
8 Oslo £1,765
7 Stockholm £1,761
9 Venice £1,740
10 Amsterdam £1,737
11 Rome £1,732
12 Florence £1,710


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