Mykonos Travel Tips

Greece has long been a hotspot for holidaymakers thanks to its blend of picturesque beaches, warm weather, and rich history.

The tricky part of visiting Greece is actually deciding where to go, with so many beautiful islands dotted around its already popular mainland.

Mykonos has established itself as one of the most popular Greek islands, as its wide range of beaches, lively nightlife and stunning traditional Greek architecture seem too good to refuse for jet setters.

When’s the best time to visit Mykonos?

Whilst Mykonos’ peak season runs from mid-July through to the end of August, if you’re looking to avoid huge crowds whilst still enjoying the warm waters and weather, then September or October is your best bet as temperatures tend to stick around 20° - 25°.

Why visit Mykonos?

The beaches of Mykonos are comfortably it’s biggest attraction. With 25 to choose from, take your pick from secluded pebbly coves to seemingly endless stretches of soft white sand.

Both Santorini and Mykonos are famous for their Cycladic architecture and white painted villages. Little Venice in Mykonos has become a tourist hotspot, boasting incredible whitewashed houses overlooking the beautiful waters that surround the island.

The nightlife in Mykonos starts to draw to a close in September as the big clubs wrap up the peak summer period in the first half of the month. Further into September and beyond, the nightlife takes on a far more relaxed atmosphere whilst still offering plenty of bars to dance the night away if desired.

Why are the Greek islands so expensive?

Along with Santorini, Mykonos is a staple stop-off for most cruises around the Mediterranean, of which there are plenty throughout the year. The two islands are also usually paired with Athens for many North American trips to Greece.

Finally, if we're being honest - Instagram. Mykonos, like many of the Greek islands, has become synonymous with the social platform (see for yourself if you don’t believe us) which has boosted tourism amongst younger age groups and driven prices up further.

How can I save money but still get the most out of my visit?

Our key tip is; do your research. If you arrive in Mykonos without an itinerary you’re opening yourself up to some of the classic tourist pitfalls that could wind up costing you. Research day trips, free walking tours, market places and local transport to get started.

FairFX tips:
  • One of our favourite beaches in Mykonos is Ornos Beach. It has a vast selection of bars and restaurants and, even better, it’s only a €3 bus journey from Mykonos town. There's also a local supermarket right by the beach so you can stock up on snacks and drinks to keep you going throughout the day.
  • Church of Paraportiani is free to visit and a beautiful day trip. Defined as a perfect example of Cycladic architecture, the beautiful church is classified as a national monument and is one of the most photographed churches in the world..
  • Explore, explore, explore! While it’s important to do your research, not everything has to be pre-planned. Mykonos old town is stunning and has plenty of hidden gems, so take a stroll in your own time and bask in the lively Greek culture.
  • Always check reviews of any fancy restaurants you plan to dine in. Quite often prices are dictated by views rather than the quality of the food. Don’t let a bad meal ruin a picture-perfect sunset, do your research!

  • Is cash ‘king’ in Greece?

    The general consensus is that cash is preferred by most retailers. The local currency in Greece is the euro which is the only currency the majority of retailers will accept (no GBP or US Dollars). You can withdraw cash from ATMs around most of Mykonos although it’s worth keep some cash handy if you want to venture off the beaten track as some remote areas of the island do not have an abundance of ATM machines.

    In 2017, thousands of businesses in Greece were required by law to install a point of sale device to accept payments by card. This is why taking a FairFX Euro Card to Greece is a great option as it comes with no transaction fee and a fixed low ATM withdrawal fee unlike standard debit and credit cards.

    Your price guide to Mykonos:

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    *Source: Numbeo - Cost of Living in Mykonos

    **FairFX rate correct as of 16th September at 09:45am (1.1005)

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