Where to travel in 2018 - the best value holiday destinations

Brexit talks caused another up and down year for Sterling in 2017, with many holidaymakers being hit by sudden drops in exchange rates over the summer.

But as always, those that plan ahead are able to avoid fluctuations and uncertainty about how far their pound will go abroad.

Thinking about currency before you’ve chosen your destination means you can pick a country where the exchange rate is in your favour and accommodation, shopping and dining out will cost you less.

Even better, take a FairFX currency card away with you for fairer exchange rates and no hidden fees, ensuring your money lets you see more of the world for less.

Rather than opting for your usual European spots this year, why not tick off some more far-flung destinations or secret tourist gems? Look at where the pound has performed well over the long run and you can find the best value holiday destinations where your travel budget could go further.

To give you a head start on where to visit, here are our top 10 destinations for 2018:

With the strongest performances over the last 5 years, South American destinations currently offer excellent value for British travellers, becoming more affordable than they were in 2012.


With the pound strengthening 196% against the Argentine Peso since 2012, those planning to visit Argentina’s stunning waterfalls and glaciers will find themselves getting a huge £662.24 more for £1,000 exchanged than they did 5 years ago.

Even just looking back at the last year, the pound has improved 21% against the peso, proving Argentina to be one of the best value holiday destinations.

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Those heading for a view of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil will get £238.47 more than 5 years ago, a 31% improvement.

Brazil is an excellent travel destination for Brits looking for some winter sun in particular. December to March is hot and humid in São Paulo, Rio, and everywhere else along the Atlantic Rainforest coast.

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Those exploring the famous beaches of Mexico will benefit from a 24% improvement in the pound to peso exchange rate, equivalent to £218.12 per £1,000 exchanged.

Head to Mexico City where the streets are full of stunning architecture, including the Palacio de Bellas Artes (housing a plethora of Mexican works of art) and the Palacio Nacional (a colonial palace home to the Diego Rivera murals, the offices of the president of Mexico, and the Federal Treasury).

Or head a little further north to Guanajuato, featured in Lonely Planet’s top 10 cities to visit in 2018.

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mexico city


With the pound going 23% further than it did 5 years ago, Uruguay is another excellent South American destination that you should consider travelling to this year.

Explore the cosmopolitan cities of Montevideo and Punta del Este, get close to nature along the country’s Atlantic coast, or relax in the peaceful city of Salto (popular for its hot springs).

Papua New Guinea

The beaches and coral reefs of Papua New Guinea are more affordable than ever, with the pound going 28% further than it did 5 years ago, meaning an extra £218.12 for every £1,000 exchanged.
Make sure you do your research before you visit as the infrastructure of the island is quite basic and it’s best to stay in the coastal towns rather than venturing into the island’s jungles.


Traveller favourite Australia takes the last spot in our top 10, with the pound up 12% against the Australian Dollar, worth an extra £111.06.

Canberra, Australia’s capital, is in Lonely Planet’s list of best cities for 2018. The city offers modern living yet is very in touch with the nature surrounding it thanks to it’s many reserves.

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Known for being a more expensive place to eat and drink out, this could be the year to head to Norway. Up 24% compared to 5 years ago, the extra £190.78 will make it more affordable than recent years.

This Scandinavian destination boasts mountains, glaciers, coastal fjords and the northern lights. And, Norway’s capital Oslo is another city in Lonely Planet’s top 10.

South Africa

Distinguished by natural beauty with its rugged landscape and coasts, plus game reserves and wine routes, a trip to South Africa will take your pound 23% further than it did 5 years ago.

Take an outdoor adventure in South Africa on safari, rock climbing or swimming with great white sharks.

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Wedged between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova certainly isn’t on everybody’s travel wish list but it’s an excellent destination for a relaxing break. Much of the country is visually stunning countryside with only a few small cities, and the many wine routes provide a fine selection of tipples.

Your pounds will go 17% further against the Moldovan leu than they did 5 years ago.


A trip to Indonesia offers British holidaymakers 16% better value than 5 years ago. Indonesia is a vibrant country with a dramatic mix of landscapes and cultures spread across more than 17,000 islands.


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Whilst smarter destination planning will get you more for your money, if you are adamant on visiting the Eurozone or the US this year you can still make sure your money goes further by following some simple tips.

Tips for US or Eurozone travel: Sign up to rate alerts so you can lock-in an exchange rate when the pound is performing better, avoid travel money traps such as buying currency at the airports and avoid being hit with hidden credit and debit card fees.

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