The 10 best holiday gadgets

Tansafe – Beach thieves be gone!
Firebox’s ‘Tansafe’ is a great way to hide your valuables on the beach. Rules for the beach/pool side are quite straightforward: never wear socks with sandals, never tie a hankie round your head and never leave your valuables on show.

This clever contraption looks just like a regular bottle of suntan lotion, so you simply pop off its watertight lid and put your valuables inside. Mobile phones, credit cards, watches and room keys are now hidden from thieves that wont look twice at a bottle of SPF25.

For valuables that can’t stay behind in the hotel safe, the TanSafe is an essential travelling companion.

Take a look: Tan Safe


Ostrich pillow light – Don’t lost a wink of sleep again
You may have seen the original Ostrich pillow in the news last year but you can now get the company’s latest creation, the ‘Ostrich Pillow Light’ for a fraction of the price.

If you struggle to sleep when travelling then this little creation may help you catch some zzz’s on long-haul flights. It’s totally portable, adjustable and comes in a range of colours. It might look a little silly but you’ll be the last one laughing if you’re resting comfortably.

Take a look: Ostrich Pillow Light


SteriPEN – get clean water in 48 seconds!
This device is perfect for those travelling off the beaten track. If you’re concerned about the quality of your drinking water then look no further as this tiny little UV water purifier could be a lifesaver.

You can charge the pen using a USB port and once charged it can treat up to 20 litres of water. Place the UV lamp in the water and stir, leaving you with clean water in just 48 seconds!

Take a look: Steripen


Rufus Roo Big Pocket Jacket – Avoid hefty baggage charges
With budget airlines charging more and more for going over your baggage allowance this elegant invention could help you carry an astonishing 10kg extra!

We know it’s very cheeky but if you don’t mind wearing your iPad and a weeks worth of socks around your shoulders then The Rufus Roo is the clever way to avoid extensive luggage fees. Simply take if off when you go through security and avoid paying for an extra suitcase.

Take a look: The Rufus Roo


CGear Giant Sandless Beach Mat – No more sand in your pants!
If you love lying on the beach but hate getting sand all over your towel then we may have found a great solution for you!

Originally used by the military to contain sand when helicopters took off or landed, this towel is almost impossible to cover with sand or dust. The mat filters out any sand that hits its surface and stops you spending your time dusting your towel off.

Take a look: Sandless Beach Mat


Lifeproof phone case – protect your phone from the elements
Protect your phone from water, snow, shock and dirt with the life proof mobile phone case. If you’re worried about scratching your phone or dropping it in the swimming pool then protect it this lightweight but sturdy case.

Take a look: Lifeproof Phone Case


Crumpled city maps
Crumpled City maps are 100% water, rip and stretch-proof. Designed to be stored without folding they can be scrunched up or rolled into a ball and stuffed into your pocket.

Take a look: Crumpled City Maps


Selfie stick
£7.99- £10
Don’t miss out on this year’s photo craze with a mono pod or “Selfie Stick”. Attach your mobile phone to the extendable rod and take a group shot.

No more having to entrust your phone to a stranger to take your holiday snaps or trying to balance it on a wonky wall, you can take your photos yourself and share them instantly through social media channels.

Take a look: Selfie Stick


4-in-1 Travel Adapter
This nifty adapter has four plugs built into one allowing it to work in 150 countries. You’ll never need to buy another plug adapter with this handy gadget!

Take a look: Travel Adapter


One of our personal favourites, the Trunki is a great gadget for parents taking young children on holiday. This plastic ride-along suitcase is a wheelie-great way to get around; it’s a toy, a perch for tired legs, a travel buddy, and so much more.

You can even design your own Trunki by picking out the colour of the wheels, body and horns on their website.

Take a look: Trunki

Please note: Imagery has been sourced from retailers website.

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