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Five travel money dirty-tricks to avoid

Don’t you just love that holiday feeling. That moment at the airport when you begin to relax and start feeling that buzz of excitement. What’s guaranteed to spoil your great mood is when some of your hard-earned cash disappears because of a travel money dirty-trick. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 travel money scams to avoid, so you can keep that holiday feeling going for the whole of your trip. Our latest investigation reveals that as a nation we lose £5.4bn a year through simple travel money mistakes. Here’s how to avoid travel money rip-offs and make […]

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Home or away? A UK family staycation could cost you twice as much

There’s a common belief that spending your family holiday in the UK on a staycation can save you money compared to holidaying abroad, but our latest research suggests that’s not always the case. We’ve compared the cost of holidays and family activities in the UK, versus the equivalent in Europe and found that Centreparcs, zoos, holiday parks and camping sites are all more expensive in the UK, meaning you might not save money by staying on your doorstep. In fact families in the UK are paying up to £1,412 more for a week’s stay in Centerparcs in the UK compared […]

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Get 10% more by planning ahead with currency

As the UK’s cold weather continues, millions of us will be dreaming about Easter and summer breaks in the sun. Many of us have already booked these trips too, planning ahead to get a better price on accommodation and flights (or perhaps you’ve bagged yourself a cheap ticket for the launch of Eurostar’s new Amsterdam route). But have you planned ahead with your currency? Many people will leave their currency to the last minute, not realising how much they’re losing out by not putting a little more effort into buying currency. By simply signing up for a rate tracking service […]

How much does it really cost to move abroad?

Thinking of emigrating overseas? Before you make your decision on whether to move abroad or not it’s a good idea to consider all the costs associated with doing so. Looking at all the costs helps you decide on where to move and whether you have enough income to live comfortably. Understanding what you’ll need to pay for and what payment method you can use also allows you to reduce the overall cost of your move, meaning you can get more out of your new home. We’ve put together this guide on some key costs you’ll need to pay, and how […]

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5 tips to help you keep your family’s travel money in check

Travel money can often be an afterthought when it comes to your family holiday, but it really shouldn’t be. For starters, if you buy your currency in advance you’ll get far more to spend for the same number of pounds. Plus, if you properly plan how you’ll carry your currency, it’s easier to keep control of your holiday budget and prevent any loss or theft. Follow our top 5 tips for keeping control of your family’s travel money and make sure that it doesn’t cause you any unwarranted stress. 1. Cash is no longer king No matter where you are […]

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The easy way to share spending money with family and friends

Looking for an easy way to share spending money on your next trip? Look no further, we’ve got the perfect solution for sharing spending money with your family and friends. When you link one or more Family & Friends Cards to your FairFX account, you can transfer money between your main FairFX Prepaid Mastercard® and your linked cards with just a few taps of the app. You can even move it back, if you’ve changed your mind or moved too much. Link multiple cards to your FairFX account to teach your teenagers how to manage money, split spending money with […]

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Take your travel money further in the USA ??

Travelling to the USA? Take your travel money further on your trip with our tips on ways to pay in the US, how to get around and when to buy your US dollars. Currency US currency consists of bills in denominations of $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, and $1 and coins in denominations of $1, 25 cents (quarter), 10 cents (dime), 5 cents (nickel) and 1 cent (penny). All of the bills are the same size, so make sure you don’t get them mixed up. Getting the best exchange rate Get more travel money for your trip without spending an […]

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Moving abroad? Here’s the checklist to help you plan smarter

Deciding to move abroad will not be a split-second decision for most people. If you’re thinking of becoming an expat you probably have a destination country in mind, but you’ll also be thinking how you make the move a success and how you make sure it doesn’t cost you your life savings. With the help of our handy checklist and a little smart planning, moving abroad doesn’t have to be difficult. 1. Choosing the right destination A really important part of moving abroad is choosing the right place to move to. You may have already fallen in love with a […]

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How to lock in the best Money Transfer rates

Whenever you need to make an international money transfer you obviously want the best exchange rate possible, but what if  the pound has a great day today and you only need to send money next week? That’s the trouble with leaving your currency conversion until the day you need to make the transfer – you’re at the mercy of the market. And if the pound is having a bad day, shopping around will only take you so far. “So can I buy currency when the rate is good and only transfer it later?” Yes! With our latest Buy & Hold […]

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Spending abroad: An around-the-world guide to your travel money needs

You’re heading to a new country. But are you properly prepared for what is in store for you when you land? Each country has its own quirks about how you pay for goods and services. Our guide details the important things you need to know.   Use the links below to jump to the currency that you’d like to know more about. Argentina Australia Brazil Canada China Denmark Finland France Germany Iceland India Iran Italy Japan Mexico Morocco New Zealand Poland Russia South Africa Spain Sweden Thailand Vietnam UAE USA   USA Currency US Dollar. US currency consists of bills […]

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Top tips to save for a winter break

In need of a little winter sun? Or looking forward to some time on the slopes this ski season? Follow our tips on saving up for your trip and make sure you get the most out of your break. We’ve got tips on how to squirrel away more spending money, and tips to help you plan ahead so that your savings will travel further. 1. Choosing a destination Before you book your holiday, or even get your heart set on where you’re heading, think about the destinations where your pounds will go further. Currency shouldn’t be an afterthought when it […]

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Take your pounds further this autumn

Looking for a last-minute autumn break that won’t break the bank? Or maybe you’re already thinking ahead to getting some winter sun? Look at where the pound has performed well over the long run and you can find destinations where your travel budget could go further. Currency shouldn’t be an afterthought when it comes to holiday planning – choosing a destination with a better exchange rate means the cost of accommodation, shopping and dining out will cost you less. Yes, some of these destinations might take a longer flight than hopping over to the usual European haunts but the difference […]