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Tips for stress-free business travel

Guest Post: Millie Walton is travel and arts journalist, and the Digital Editor of LUX Magazine. She was born in the English countryside, but spent much of her childhood in the mountains of Zimbabwe and considers Africa her second home. After 9 months travelling around Africa, India and South East Asia, she is currently based back in the UK while she works on her fiction writing.   As a travel journalist I spend a lot of my time in transit. Typically, it’s a two day round trip or if it’s long haul, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get three. […]

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How to get some winter sun family time on a budget

Guest Post: Tips for getting more winter sun for your money from As the cold weather sets in and the thermostat goes up, many of us start dreaming of exotic climes – not least to top up our dwindling Vitamin D levels. But the financial reality of travelling a long distance with a family can be off-putting. We’ve asked our friends at leading family travel website for their tips on getting some winter sun with the kids without breaking the bank. Don’t rule out long-haul destinations – increasing numbers of all-inclusive hotels and resorts in far-flung locations including […]

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2017 Solar Eclipse in the US: All you need to know

Guest Post: US travel tips from our partner, Grand American Adventures.   The USA is definitely no stranger to natural wonders, but in 2017 it will host one of the most awe-inspiring spectacles in recent memory: a total solar eclipse. The first to hit the USA in almost 40 years, this total solar eclipse rightly has people across the country and far beyond in a state of eager anticipation. For travellers, it presents the perfect opportunity for an utterly unique adventure in the USA.   When? This exciting event will take place on August 21st, 2017, and will be the […]

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Are more people moving abroad Post-Brexit vote?

Guest Post: Irvine Moving Solutions is a professional home and office removals company.   The Brexit vote hit the pound hard and put UK businesses in unchartered territory. The decision created much uncertainty for individuals living in the UK too, with newspapers reporting that Remain voters created a surge in citizenship applications in other EU countries. But have we seen people following through on these initial reactions? Summer 2016 certainly was a busy one for everyone at Irvine Moving Solutions! Since the announcement of Brexit in June, our moving team have consistently been on the road week on week.   […]

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7 tips for sticking to your study abroad budget

Guest post: Top tips for sticking to your study abroad budget from, the student shipping experts.   We all know studying abroad can be expensive. That being said, it’s one investment that you’re pretty much guaranteed to never regret. Not only will it give you a world of experience (literally), but it could look really attractive on your resume to any future employers. Where money is concerned, it’s a lot more than just gathering enough dough for your plane ticket, tuition fees and accommodation fees. You need to factor in the cost of living, and everything that comes along with […]

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5 unique ways to try local foods on your next trip abroad

Guest post: Top tips to trying local cuisine shared by our partner, VizEat. One of the businesses that we partner with to provide you with smarter travel choices and unique experiences.   There’s little better than exploring new cuisine as you explore the world; tasting the local delicacies is a crucial part of immersing yourself in the culture. But when you’re in a new town, in a distant land, it can be difficult to find truly authentic cuisine. Tourist traps are your main hurdle. Tourist traps are where the inauthentic, expensive restaurants are located. They’re usually in the central locations […]

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Where to visit in the States this autumn

The last few months of the year may mean short days and chillier weather for the UK and Europe, but the autumn months are an excellent time for a spot of travelling, particularly if the USA is your destination. Choose the right itinerary and you can swap cold, rainy commutes and crowded Christmas shopping for hikes through incredible landscapes and kayaking around beautiful islands. To give you an idea of the possibilities, here are some of our finest American Autumn Adventures.   The Deep South If you like the sound of escaping to an exciting medley of colourful culture and […]

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The snowsports gear you really need

Guest post: Top tips shared by our partner, Pre-Fit Ltd. One of the businesses we partner with to provide you with unique experiences and smarter travel choices. Whether it’s your first winter snowsports holiday or you’re a seasoned skier, there are some essentials that everyone needs to take with them. No, we’re not going to tell you how many pairs of woolly socks to pack but here’s a rundown of snowsports gear you simply can’t go without.   Equipment and clothing: Skis/Snowboard – Got your own equipment? Check with your airline for additional charges and book in advance. If you’re travelling […]

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FairFX Travel Heroes: From the Arctic to the Caribbean

Guest post: Top tips shared by one of our beloved customers and Travel Heroes, Hazel Griffiths. From the Arctic to the Caribbean…that sums up my life! For the past 8 years I have been a freelance cruise ship speaker, specialising in ‘Destinations’. This means I get to sail on various cruise ships in return for telling the guests all about the places they are going to visit. My goal is make sure they have a safe and enjoyable day during their time ashore. I am part of the entertainments team – so the talks have to be enjoyable as well […]


Getting the best European hostel stay

Guest post: Top tips shared by our partner, Interrail Planner. One of the businesses that we partner with to provide you with smarter travel choices and unique experiences. Staying in hostels is one of the most popular means of travelling around Europe for young travellers, particularly while Interrailing. However, many people are still reluctant to stay in them due to the bad reputation some have hostels gained. We get it, it’s not ideal to share a room with strangers and everyone loves to have their own private bathroom, but one thing hostels do offer is value for money. You can […]

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Paying your way in Eastern Europe

Guest blog: Senior Travel Expert Eastern Europe is now very much open to tourism, offering historic cities, great scenery and welcoming people. What’s more, if you plan ahead and take advice, then Eastern Europe can prove to be great value for money. My website, Senior Travel Expert, provides tips to senior travellers to help their hard-earned pensions stretch as far as possible, and that can be a very long way in Eastern Europe. Where To Go Czech Republic: Prague has been a popular destination since the fall of communism, but venture a little further to see the historic city of […]