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Your international payment options

There are a number of international payment options for you to take advantage of through our Money Transfer service. Our experts can help you to choose a service that ensures you get maximum value when sending or receiving money from abroad, manages your risk and meets your payment requirements. Here’s how some of our Money Transfer services work and how you can benefit from them.   Regular payment plans Sending money abroad on a regular basis can usually be time consuming and stressful but our regular payment plans make life easier and save you money. There are 2 types of regular […]

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Will the French elections provide another shock?

In the past 12 months we have seen the world shift with two seismic decisions from two different electorates – are we about to see a third? On 23rd June 2016 we saw Britain vote to leave the EU in the Brexit referendum and in the US on 9th November Donald Trump was elected President. On the 7th May France’s next President will be elected in a run-off election. Two candidates with two very different agendas. What does this mean for the euro? Pro-European centrist Emmanuel Macron and anti-immigration leader Marine Le Pen have begun a final duel for the […]

Best value destinations to buy a second home overseas

In the first study of its kind, we’ve revealed the best value destinations to buy a second home overseas. Buying a second home abroad continues to be a popular investment option. It provides a holiday haven when you want to get away from it all and can be a useful second income through lettings. We’ve compared the costs associated with buying a second home, to help you narrow down your search on where you would like to buy. In the FairFX Property Abroad Cost Calculator we compare the average price of a property in over 30 countries, based on the […]

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FairFX Property Abroad Cost Calculator

The FairFX Property Abroad Cost Calculator compares the average price of a property in over 30 countries, based on the average cost of a two-bedroom apartment. The cost calculator also factors in the cost of buying a car overseas and a year’s worth of petrol, utilities and daily essentials such as food and drink. Buying a second home abroad continues to be a popular investment option. It provides a holiday haven when you want to get away from it all and can be a useful second income through lettings. The FairFX Property Abroad Cost Calculator is designed to make it […]

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5 tips for getting the best exchange rate for your travel money

Travel money is often an afterthought when it comes to organising a holiday. You book the flight and hotel in advance but leave travel money to the last minute – that’s a mistake. If you don’t plan ahead with your currency, you could end up having considerably less to spend on your travels. With a little forward planning, and our tips on getting the best exchange rate, you can spend more on what you like on your next break.   1. Follow the pound If you’re booking your holiday before you’ve checked exchange rates, you may find yourself booking accommodation […]

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Half-term flights up to nine times more expensive

Half term may seem like the perfect time for a family holiday, but our latest research has revealed that it’s actually one of the most expensive times for families to go away. Comparing 120 return flights from eight airports across the UK, we found that holidaying during half term costs an average of NINE times more than the same flight earlier in the month.   It isn’t just half-term flights that receive a price hike though. Travel industry advice usually dictates that it’s a good idea to book a package deal in order to get more for your money, but these […]

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Trump’s impact on currency markets, and when to buy dollars

It may seem like longer but it’s just over a year since Clinton and Trump first began to trade blows in the US Presidential Election primaries. And a lot has happened since then, in currency markets and world politics. Now that Trump is putting his first policies into place as 45th President of the United States, we take a look back at how the dollar has reacted to Trump’s journey to Presidency and how currency movements could affect you, your travel plans and your international payments in the coming year. Polling day anticipation In the run-up to election day the […]

Travel further this year by planning like a pro

Have you got a long list of countries that you want to explore this year? Follow our tips on planning your holidays like a pro and your money will travel much further…maybe even far enough to tick off another country or two. We don’t just have tips for getting a better deal on your flight or accommodation, we also have tips for those expenses that are sometimes forgotten (like travel money and the cost of eating out).   Currency tips Travel money is often an afterthought when it comes to organising a holiday. You book the flight and hotel in […]

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Tips to keep your travel money safe

A key part of making sure you have a safe and fun break is keeping your travel money safe. A good trip can soon turn sour if you are the victim of theft, or lose your travel money. Whether you’re heading to the Eurozone or bound for the States, here are our top 5 tips  to steer you in the right direction on travel money security. Make sure to also check out the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Travel Aware site for further advice before you travel.   1. Don’t take a big pile of cash No matter where you are […]

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Prepaid Cards vs Debit vs Credit: Which is best for your trip abroad?

Why use a prepaid currency card instead of your usual debit or credit card overseas? Prepaid cards come with features that help you to get more out of your holiday, plus you can use them in the same way as your debit and credit cards. Here we take you through 6 key areas where prepaid currency cards, debit cards and credit cards compete to help you decide which is the best card for your next trip.   1. Keep control of what you’re spending Unlike a debit card, a prepaid currency card lets you keep your spending money separate from […]

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What should you do with your leftover travel cash?

We’ve all come back home from holiday with a wallet full of leftover euros, pesos or lira, that end up in the odds drawer at home along with spare batteries and random keys. Leftover travel cash means you managed not to burn through your whole budget and also means you have an opportunity to get value from what you have left. High street buy-back services might seem to be the quick & easy option to get pounds back in your pocket, but it comes at a price. There’s a big difference between the rates that high street bureaux buy from and […]

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Bag a Black Friday deal with your Dollar Card

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost upon us, and considering these American traditions are increasingly part of the British events calendar, that means Black Friday weekend is a great time to grab a bargain and get Christmas presents ready for your family, friends and…yourself. We’ve got a few tips to help you get the most out of the US Black Friday sales.   What is Black Friday? Black Friday is the day after US Thanksgiving, November 25th 2016. It’s one of the biggest shopping days of the year in the US as retailers like to cut their prices and […]